Friday, May 8, 2009

Cordell Baker: The Cat Came Back to Cannes

Cordell Baker is a great animated filmmaker. He's been nominated twice for Oscars. The Cat Came Back, his 1988 animated short, is a hilarious nine minute long film. He's been courted by Pixar and The Simpsons, but instead he stays in Winnipeg, turning out little mini-masterpieces once every half-decade or so.

It isn't exactly a recipe for a mega-career, but maybe a mega-career was never the goal.

Now Baker has a new film, Runaway, his third film in 27 years, and he's heading back to the Cannes Film Festival--so while he may never get bought out by Disney for $7.4 billion, the way John Lasseter and Pixar were a few years back, at least he gets the odd free trip to the south of France.